Your frequently asked questions answered right here.

We think Venturr can add a lot of value to the companies we select and take on. We want your business to succeed but we know you may not have much money to spend at first. Taking an equity stake is simply a way for us to get paid for helping your buisiness at the same time sharing the risk and lowering the cost to you of our services.
We accept applications from any stage startups.
We think 3 months is about a good period of time to get some traction for you. If you are accepted to join us, we will work out a plan of action with you and re-evaluate monthly. At 3 months we will work out the next steps. If we work together, we are here for you in anyway we can help - there is no time limit on that.
Of course not. That's why we have email, Skype and Slack. However, we would like to meet face to face frequently, so keep that in mind.
We never close. You can apply anytime of the year and start once accepted. We don't do cohorts. We don't expect you to fit a rigid process. We define a unique programme just for you and work around your objectives.
Not always. In some cases we can help build your team but you will need a compelling story and product behind you.
Well that's the million dollar question. Its a mix of impressive individuals, a great product, and potential to be great. It also depends on what you need from us. Be clear and to the point in your application.
It depends on the volume of applications, but we aim to turn your first application form around in about 1-2 weeks, then if successful, we will ask for more information. This will take another week. Then, again, if you get through, we will ask for a Skype or face to face meeting. Another few days after that and you will know what happens next. Around 3 weeks in total.
We have limited resources so can only pick startups where we can add value. If you don't make the first round, that is no reflection on your startup. Simply put, there just wasn't a match. If you beleive in your product, don't give up, maybe try the other traditional accelerators.
No. Just send us your application. We have asked the questions that are important to us and which will give you a chance to provide a well rounded picture of your startup. Provide as much info as you can in the application like links to slides, prototypes etc.
No. We get a lot of applications and as all are in Data & Analytics, there can sometimes be overlap. An NDA will make it difficult for us to operate. If you have a patent, we can talk about an NDA. Just contact us using our contact form if needed. Needless to say, we treat all our applications as confidential and do not disclose any information to anyone outside of our selection committee without your permission.
We set a start date, then you come in for a few hours and we map out what we can achieve over 3 months. We aim to have weekly meetings. Near to the 3 months we will look at meeting investors or kicking off a crowdfund campaign.
We are always interested in meeting potential new staff. Keep an eye out for messages on our social profiles regarding recruitement.
Great. Get in touch through our contact form and we will be in touch. If you have a referral, that is even better.
We are based in London, UK.
Say Venture. That's it, you got it.